Japanese lesson

Dutch texts
A native Japanese speaker offers you Japanese lessons. The teacher is Japanese who is living in the Netherlands. Japanese is one of a complicated language in the world. What the best for you to improve Japanese, is studying from native Japanese speakers. We can teach you accurate Japanese knowledge from language to cultures. All requests available from Business conversation to anime / manga Japanese.
We can provide you as follows.

- General conversation.
- Business conversation.
- Children's lessons.
- Helping your Japanese CV.
- Listening practice.
- Pronunciation practice.
- Survival travel conversation.
- Translation/Interpretation.
- Vocabulary building.
- Writing practice.
- Manga Workshop in Japanese.
- Japanse cooking workshop in Japanese.

Possible teaching area: negotiable.
Teaching place: Library, Quiet café, and Home lesson.
For applications and questions, send us your e-mail to tokyodollnl (at) gmail.com

Japanese lesson for Anime and Manga generation

Many young people show interest to learn Japanese through Anime / manga. This Japanese lesson is targeted to anime/manga generation by using anime / manga examples. The teacher is a Japanese manga artist who is familiar with anime/manga. Therefore participants can enjoy learning Japanese.

Price (excl VAT)

P=person. Price in euro/ per person. We have a special discount for the group more than 6 people.
Japans les 1p 2p 3-6p
Japanese lesson (1 hour) 20 15 11
Japanese lesson for children (1 hour) 15 10 7
Japanese lesson for Anime and Manga generation (1 hour) 20 15 11
Manga Worshop in Japanese (1 hour) 25 20 15

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