Japanese workshops by a Japanese

Japanese cooking workshop, bento workshop, kyaraben workshop, manga workshop, and Japanese lesson by a Japanese teacher.
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Japanese cooking workshop

Besides sushi, there are various types of Japanese dishes. You can learn different types of authentic Japanese dishes using Japanese cooking techniques.

Bento cooking workshop

Bento means originally "lunchbox" or "boxed lunch for taking away" in Japanese. A traditional bento usually consists of rice, fish / meat and vegetables. You can learn authentic Bento using Japanese cooking techniques.

Japanese vegetarian
cooking workshop

Shojin ryori (Japanese buddhism vegetalian cuisine) is an origin and a quintessence of Japanese cuisine. Japanese didn't eat meats under the influence of Buddhism almost for 1000 years. In Japan, meat-eating has started since late 19 century. You can learn Shojin ryori (Japanese vegetarian cooking) together with feeling a traditional soul of Japan.

Kyaraben and Japanese
pop food cooking workshop

Kyaraben is a style of a detailed arranged bento consisting of decorated food that looks like characters from anime or specific figures. You can learn authentic kyaraben using Japanese cooking techniques. Also you can learn Kyara-Gohan or Japanese bread dishes.

Manga workshop

Authentic manga workshop by a Japanese manga artist. Manga is the Japanese equivalent of "comic" and now it's very popular drawing style in the world. You can learn manga using Japanese manga techniques.

Japanese lesson

Japanese lessons by a native Japanese speaker. The teacher is a Japanese living in the Netherlands. Japanese is a complex language. The best way to improve your Japanese conversation is speaking with a native Japanese speaker.

For groups and events 

You can ask me to come to your event for workshops or lectures. For a group more than 7 persons, the workshop will be organized at your location. The condition will be differs depends on distance from Utrecht or the size  of event. 


Using the benefits of a Japanese artist, Tokyo Doll offers you following items.

Please check schedule and available dates


About Tokyo Doll

Tokyo Doll is the project of Japanese activities by a Japanese artist (Profile). The workshop location is about 10 minutes walk from Utrecht Central Station, the Netherlands. You can submit your application using contact form. After confirming your request, we will send you directions, an invoice and bank details. If the application form does not work, you can send an email to: tokyodollnl (at) gmail.com
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