Japanese Manga Artist
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About portrait in manga style

GB: Japanese manga artist draws your or your family portrait in manga style.
NL: Japanse manga tekenaar tekent uw of uw familieportret in manga stijl.
FR: Artiste japonais de manga dessine votre portrait de Manga.
DE: Japanische Manga-Künstler zeichnet Ihre Manga-Porträt.

You can choose a pencil porrait or digital color portrait.

1. Pencil portrait

More pencil portrait examples

1. Analog - pencil drawing. (Live (event activity, sales promotion) or internet order).
Size: A4. Black & white in digital order is same price with Digital.

2. Digital color portrait (or Black & White in digital)

Finalized by computer. Not only portrait printing but also you can use the order-made design for T-shirts, cards, tattoo and several printing with several sizes. Takes 1 week more or less.
Basic file size: 300 dpi (basic A4), but you can scale images depend on products that you want to print.
Bigger size is categorized to custom made order. Black & white in digital order is same price with Digital color.
Following is examples in several manga styles.

1. Typical manga/anime style.

Most people become like a main character of manga/anime. Good for manga/anime freaks.

2. Mascot style (Chibi).

Current booming style for young people or little kids. Or adults take this style for the business purpose to give friendly impression to their customers.

Free offer! Take your "Mini me" with you !


You can get your "mini me" (accessory using your chibi portrait) if you order Chibi portrait in digital. Material: resin
(This service is for Chibi in digital only. Because pencil portraits and real-type portraits are not suitable for mascot accessories.)
If you want to order other designs of mascot accessories, see Order Made mascots.

3. In between manga and usual portrait.

Partly using manga style, for example highlights in eyes. Customers who want to retain their visage, or adults often take this style.

3. Special request (both for pencil and digital)

With extra charge, it is possible to draw your portrait upon special request. For example "Portrait in Super Saiyan style".
Price of Extra charge: Negotiable. Depend on the contents of request


1 person on
1 image
2 persons on
1 image
3 persons on
1 image

Following price list is for internet order. (including tax 6%)
The price for event activity changes depend on each events.

Size A4 (21cm x 29.7cm) Pencil Color
1 person on 1 image 15 euro 80 euro
2 persons on 1 image 25 euro 140 euro
3 persons on 1 image 30 euro 200 euro
4 more persons negotiable negotiable
Custom made orders
(bigger size more than A4
or special formats)
negotiable negotiable

How to order Pencil portrait via internet:
Pencil portrait orders need postal costs.
- In Netherlands: 2.5 to 3 euro (depends weights)
- Around Netherlands: 3 to 4 euro (depends weights and countries)
- Other countries: Depends distances from Netherlands.

1. Please send your request via order form
2. Please send me your (or your family's, friends, customers) photo after you got a confirmation e-mail.
3. I will send the invoice to your e-mail address.
4. Please deposit the fee to the bank account that is mentioned on invoice.
5. I start drawing after the conformation of deposit. Duration by pencil: within one day.
6. The portrait will be sent by post. Arrival date is depending on postal condition.

How to order Digital color portrait via internet:
1. Please send your request via order form
2. Please send me your (or your family's, friends, customer's) photo after you got a confirmation e-mail.
3. I will send the invoice to your e-mail address.
4. Please deposit the fee to the bank account that is mentioned on invoice.
I start drawing after the conformation of deposit.
Duration: draw within one week.
5. The graphic data is sent by internet. You don't need postal cost for digital order.

Attention: Some customers misunderstand the concept. Hereunder is the final attention.
- Black & white in digital order is same price with digital.
- Portrait in manga/anime style is the special portrait that are drawn by different style from standard portrait. Drawn like a main character of manga or anime, and it differ from the reality. If you expect standard portrait, portrait in manga style or even comic style will be other category. However ordinary realistic portrait is possible with extra charge. More informaiton about manga, refer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manga
- The price are already reasonable. Any further discounts are not accepted.

Manga portrait for your business promotion

How about providing manga portraits to attract your customers ? Tokyo Doll draws your visitor's manga portraits in your event, or your shop/showroom.
By pencil, I can draw high quality portraits ±10 minutes / 1 person at events. This activity always makes big success. Visitors don't need to wait longer. It is very special activity that attracts many visitors in your event/party and your business promotion. Please send your question or request via order form
2 hours: 125 Euro
3 hours: 165 Euro
4 hours or more: 50 Euro per hour
- Prices are excluded 6% BTW (VAT)
- Plus travel expenses Utrecht to your location (return ticket 2nd class public transport)
- Minimum number of hours is 2.
- Specific situations will be different conditions/prices for example travel more than 2 hours, asking to arrive more than 1 hour before, out of Netherlands, etc... Price estimate at request

Manga portret voor uw bedrijfspromotie of uw bedrijfsevenement

Sneltekenaar voor uw feest ? Wat dacht u van manga portretten aan te bieden om klanten naar uw evenement te lokken? Tokyo Doll tekent manga portretten van bezoekers van uw evenement of uw winkel/showroom. Met potlood teken ik hoge kwaliteit manga portretten in 5 tot met 10 minuten/per persoon. Deze speciale activiteit is altijd een groot succes en trekt veel bezoekers aan voor uw evenement/feest en/of bedrijfspromotie. Stuur uw vragen of verzoek via order form
2 uur: 125 Euro
3 uur: 165 Euro
4 uur of meer: 50 Euro per uur
- Prijzen zijn exclusief 6 % BTW
- Minimum aantal uur is 2
- plus reiskosten Utrecht naar uw locatie (retourticket tweede klas OV)
- Voor specifieke situaties gelden andere voorwaarden/prijzen, bijvoorbeeld meer dan 2 uur reistijd, een uur of meer van te voren aanwezig zijn, evenement buiten Nederland, etc... Prijsopgave op verzoek

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Manga Workshop

manga workshop

manga workshop

manga workshop

(Dutch) Meer informatie kijk op Manga Workshop

Workshop informatie voor groepen en evenementen

De workshop leraar is een Japanner die u authentieke Japanse vaardigheden kunnen leren. U kunt ons vragen om naar uw evenement te komen voor een workshop of lezing. Groepen tot maximaal 6 persoon kunnen wij thuis ontvangen. Voor groepen groter dan 6 persoon zal de workshop bij u thuis, uw evenement of externe locatie worden georganiseerd. Hiervoor kunt u het contactformulier invullen. wij sturen dan de groepsfolder naar uw organisatie. We hebben een speciale korting voor grotere groepen. Meer informatie kijk op Workshop

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Other activities

Find various type of Japanese activities on following links

Order-made mascot


Possible to make accessories of your favorite character. Not only key holder but also badge, pendant-top, and so on. Material: resin.
There are several methods.
1. Send the file you have. Must be 300 dpi with simple design. Price from 6 euro excluding postage cost and modification cost.
2. If you want to have an accessory of your portrait, order your chibi portrait in digital. See Digital Color portrait(chibi).
3. Ordering new design. Negotiable. Takes both design cost and material cost. The price depends a content of design.

Send your request or questions via order form

Other workshops

Japanese cooking workshop (NL)

Bento and Kyaraben workshop(NL)

Japanese lesson

Japanese business


About Tokyo Doll

EN: I am a Japanese artist living in the Netherlands since October 2002. I was born in Tokyo, Japan, and graduated art school in Tokyo. If you are looking for a Japanese manga comic artist for your comic book, manga design, graphic design, advertising design, Japanese web design, manga workshop, Japanese lesson and other Japanese related, etc...feel free to contact me! My graphics skills and my knowledge as a native Japanese will contribute to your organization.

NL: Ik ben een Japanse kunstenaar, woonachtig in Nederland sinds oktober 2002. Geboren in Tokio, Japan, en afgestudeerd aan de kunstacademie in Tokio. Als u op zoek bent naar een Japanse manga striptekenaar voor uw stripboek, manga design, grafisch design, advertentie design, Japanse webdesign, manga workshop, Japanse les, etc... kunt u met mij contact opnemen! Mijn grafische vaardigheden en mijn kennis als Japanse autochtoon kunnen een bijdrage leveren aan uw organisatie.

DE: Ich bin ein Japanischer Einheimische und lebe in den Niederlanden seit Oktober 2002. Geboren in Tokio, Japan und habe studiert an die Kunstschule in Tokio. Wenn sie suchen für eine Japanische cartoonist für Ihre comic, Manga Design, Grafik Design, Werbung, Webdesign, Untericht in Japanisch, Manga-Workshop usw., bitte kontaktieren Sie mich! Meine grafische Fähigkeiten und meine Kenntnisse als Japanischer Einheimische können dazu beitragen Ihre Organisation.

FR: Je suis une japonaise de naissance qui vit aux Pays-Bas depuis 2002. Si vous êtes à la recherche d'un designer japonais pour votre fanzine manga, votre comic strip, conception manga, conception graphique, conception de publicité, web design japonais, atelier manga, lecon japonaise et autres sujets relatifs au Japon etc...n'hésitez pas à me conctacter ! Mes compétences graphiques et mes connaissances en tant que japonaise de naissance contribueront à votre organisation.


Name: Noriko
Gender: female
Place of birth: Tokyo. Japan
Current residence: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Nationality: Japan
Occupation: Designer, manga artist, workshop teacher, food artist, Japanese writer, coordinator

Career records:
- Manga (Japanese cartoon) artist (mangaka)
- Illustrator
- Japanese writer
- Japanese coordinator
- Workshop teacher (manga workshop, kyaraben workshop, sushi workshop, Japanese cooking workshop)
- Senior user interface designer, Design Engineer (Nokia)
- Game graphic designer (Nintendo subcontract)
- Graphic designer
- Web designer


Manga artist:
- Take Shobou (Japan)
- Aniway (Netherlands)

Manga portrait at events
- Roppongi (Netherlands)
- Cinéart Nederland (Netherlands)
- And various events and promotions

- ABroad (Japan)
- Wereldmuseum Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Media coordinator:
- Toshin ni Sumu (Recruit, Japan)
- Nijiiro Jean (KTV, Japan)
- TRANSIT (Koudansha, Japan)

Manga workshop:
- Archeon (Netherlands)
- Roppongi (Netherlands)
- Japan feest Amstelveen (Netherlands)
- SieboldHuis (Netherlands)
- Hoog schoo; van Amsterdam (Netherlands)
- Openbaar Lyceum Zeist (Netherlands)
- and various events and group lessons

Japanese cooking workshop:
- Kyaraben (character bento) workshop (Abunai, Netherlands)
- Roppongi Amsterdam
- Atsusacon (Belgium)
- Animecon (Netherlands)
- Moshi Moshi (Netherlands)
- and various events and group lessons

- Guest panelist (Animecon, Netherlands)
- Lecturer: Japanese business etiquette (Abunai, Netherlands)
- Lecturer: Japanese school systems (Abunai, Netherlands)
- Manga demonstration (Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Media appearance:

- Chikyu Radio (NHK, Japan)
- Music trip (Bunka Housou, Japan)
- RTV-Amstelveen (Netherlands)
- RTL Utrecht(Netherlands)

- Chikyu Agora (NHK-BS, Japan)
- Super morning(TV Asahi, Japan)
- Heart van Nederland (SBS 6, Netherlands)
- RTL Utrecht(Netherlands)

- Aniway nr.22 "Een Japanse Mangaka in Nederland" interview (Netherlands)
- Aniway nr.28 "Kyaraben" (Netherlands)
- Aniway nr.33 Poster illustration (Netherlands)
- Fit met Voeding "De gezonde lunchdoos uit Japan" (Netherlands)

- Spits (the Netherlands)

- Surveillance Room (independent movie, the Netherlands)

Tokyo Doll

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