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Japanese culture project by Japanese

Project Tokyo Doll is a Japanese culture project, organized by a Japanese Manga artist in the Netherlands. Using the advantages of a native Japanese Manga artist, Tokyo Doll can offer you various activities:
- Custom made Manga illustration
- Manga Workshop
Japanese cooking workshoop
- Japanese lessson
- Consultancy about Japan
- Japanese transration

Manga and design:
- Manga and illustration
Tokyo Doll can cooperate with you for your art project, publishing, or advertising, etc...

- Custom made Manga illustration
Tokyo Doll offers original graphic design based on your special request.
For example how about Manga style portrait of you or your family for special occasion?

- Order made T-shirts with your favorite Japanese words and original Manga. How about having a T-shirt with your name in Japanese with Manga graphics? Tokyo Doll offers "one and only" exclusive items for you.

- Japanese web design;
Would you like to have a Japanese website for your business? Tokyo Doll can design and create for you in correct Japanese language. By Japanese website, you can appeal to Japanese customers.

For more information, click Workshop page.

Special Japanese workshops
- Manga workshop
Tokyo Doll offers you Manga drawing workshop. Noriko is a Japanese Manga artist who lives in the Netherlands. Enjoy native Japanese Manga technique in Europe directly. Your company can save on expenses, because this is much cheaper than inviting someone from Japan. For more information click Manga workshop page.

- Japanese Manga workshop in Japanese
Tokyo Doll offers you this unique workshop "Manga drawing workshop and speaking Japanese". You can experience both Manga workshop and Japanese conversation. Don't worry about your Japanese skill. I speak Japanese at first, and will explain in English if you need. For more information click Manga workshop page.

- Japanese Bento (lunchbox) and Kyaraben workshop
Japanese Bento is a great art. There are many techniques of Kyaraben (Character Bento). Tokyo Doll offers a workshop learning how to make beautiful and tasty Japanese Bento. For more information click Bento and Kyaraben workshop page.

Rilakkuma Kyaraben (self made) Hello Kitty Kyaraben (self made)

Standard Japanese cultural workshop:
Of course Tokyo Doll can provide standard Japanese workshops, like:
- Japanese lesson
- Japanese cooking workshop
- Sushi workshop
- Origami workshop
- Lecture about Japan
For more information, click Workshop page.
Japanese set meal (self made) Ten zaru soba (self made)

Japanese business consultancy (fee-based)
- Japanese product import
There are many Japanese products in Japan that are hard to import from here. Tokyo Doll will offer you consultancy for those Japanese products. (Legal and available products only)
Commission is required for time-consuming requests.

- Questions about studying, working and staying in Japan.
There are fundamental information on the website of ministry of foreign affairs Japan.
Tokyo Doll will respond if your question is possible contents. Commission is required for time-consuming requests.

- Other Japanese business consultancy. Commission is required for time-consuming requests.

Japanese translation (fee-based)
Tokyo Doll offers Japanese translations from English or Dutch.
Price: 1 euro / per 1 word. (the price is changed according to contents)

Any questions? contact me.

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